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                蘭德爾品牌隸屬德國慕尼黑蘭德爾啤酒有限公司,整體的品牌規劃與包裝設計均由北京博創設計規劃設計執行,客戶要求一看就要是德國啤酒,這好像有點難,什么是德國啤酒的形象,沒有固定的定義。不可否認,德國啤酒作為博大精深的啤酒文化中占據著絕對地位的組成部分,對于啤酒技術和文化的發展都有著決定性的貢獻,也誕生過很多可以流芳百世的經典產品和品牌,在國內雖然也有他們的身影,但早已被淹沒在混亂的市場里。我們從德國的民族文化及啤酒傳統文化來挖掘,在德國,啤酒總是與宗教和政治緊緊相連,德國最早釀造啤酒的歷時可以追溯到3000年前,德國南部出現修道士釀造啤酒的風俗,由此開啟了德國啤酒的文化之旅。對于德國傳統文化發展的了解分析,德國教堂、城堡、鷹、服飾等等,都會成為我們要視覺表現的元素,是德國文化直觀的視覺體驗和呈現,最終成為品牌包裝與消費人群溝通的視覺符號,品牌整體設計有啤酒行業傳統內涵,同時具有現代視覺設計美感。獨特的符號提煉表現,讓品牌更具個性氣質及產品差異化。RANDLE is belonging to Germany Munich Randle Brewery Limited. The overall brand planning and package design are implemented by Bofly design. The client asked for a package designed with German beer face, which is a little bit difficult. And there is no fixed definition for German beer’s image. It is undeniable that German beer take an absolute position in the broad and profound beer culture, and it has a decisive contribution to the development of beer technology and culture. Despite there are many classic products displayed in supermarkets, all kinds of other brands of beer cause them completely submerged in a chaotic market.Excavating from the national culture of Germany and the traditional culture of beer, beer is always linked to religion and politics. The earliest beer brewing in Germany can be traced back to 3000 years ago.The cultural journey of German beer started with the appearing of monks brewing beer in southern Germany.With the comprehension and analysis of German traditional culture, German church, castle, eagle, clothes and so on, they all will be the elements of visual expression. It’s the intuitive grasp of German Culture. Finally, it becomes the visual symbol of brand packaging and consumer communication. The overall brand design has the traditional connotation of beer industry and modern visual design aesthetic sense. It shows the product personality and differentiation in the performance of unique symbol.